Nordic-Russian Green Growth Arena

The purpose of the umbrella project NORDIC-RUSSIAN GREEN GROWTH ARENA is to implement green growth development principles in the North-west Russian regions and municipalities based on Nordic experience.

Cooperation Areas

Nordic-Russian Green Growth Arena project identifies three priority areas (sub-projects) under its umbrella:

  • Green Planning Instrument and Strategies
    • Developing appropriate strategies, green brands, roadmaps and policies to facilitate environmentally sustainable economic growth;
    • Implementing green master planning ;
    • Green tax and procurement schemes;
    • Investing sustainable infrastructure (energy, transport , water systems, buildings, green roofs and living walls);
    • Promoting sustainable consumption, green lifestyle for citizens and tourists.
  • Nordic-Russian Greenways
    • Sustainable transport and safety
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles
    • Development of eco-tourism and natural and cultural heritage conservation, including the creation and promotion of environmental tourist product
    • Supporting economic and social development of communities, including enterprise development
  • Sustainable Hubs and Cleantech  Cluster
    • Promotion of Green technologies and clusters, which facilitate economic growth;
    • Development of cooperation on all levels – industry, science and government;
    • Public-private partnership;
    • Creating incentives for investment in the resource-efficient technologies and environmental protection

All three pilot models can be used further as a sample for multiplication. Publication with working title Green Growth Leaders in the North-West Russia on the results of the project will be prepared by the final conference.

Направления сотрудничества

With deep regret  we inform about sudden  death of our partner and friend Oleg Chikurov, genius interpreter and inspiring bright man. BLESSED MEMORY OF OLEG CHIKUROV